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minimal equipment hack

how to make your single leg deadlift easier, so you can go heavier. and how to make your bulgarian squat harder, so you need less weight!

perfect for this lockdown if you only have little to no weights available.

try these 2 exercises in a superset with little to no weight and little to no rest within the sets, but take 90-120 seconds rest between sets.


set 1:

8 SL deadlifts left + 8 right

8 BS squats left + 8 right

set 2:

7 SL deadlifts left + 7 right

7 BS squats left + 7 right

set 3:

6 SL deadlifts left + 6 right

6 BS squats left + 6 right

set 4:

5 SL deadlifts left + 5 right

5 BS squats left + 5 right


let me know in the comments if this worked out for you!

want me to help you with form? join our zoom classes or send me your videos in the chat! ❤️

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Jan 06, 2022

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